SoFi Offers Personal Loans with Amazing Perks

Social Finance, more popularly known simply as SoFi, has gained an elite status in the online lending industry. It began as a refinancing company for student loans in 2011, but has since established a reputation in the financial sector as a leading provider of home mortgages and personal loans.

SoFi is well-known for its personal loans with amazing perks. For one, it offers high loan amounts of as much as 100,000 dolar. This is possible because it extends loans only to highly qualified borrowers.

What You Can Expect from a Personal Loan from SoFi

In more ways than one, availing of a SoFi loan is more about the benefits than the loan itself. After all, SoFi primes itself up to be the lender of choice for the most eligible borrowers.

Staying true to its original path of providing student loans, it now seeks to extend loans to borrowers who have degrees, history of responsible use of credit, and high-income job prospects. Thus, SoFi is known in the market as the top personal loan provider for people with high credit ratings.

Amazing SoFi Loan Perks

  • Variable and fixed interest rates
  • Unemployment protection up to 1 year
  • Discounts on interest rates for auto-pay clients
  • Career counselling and specialized job resources and services
  • Exclusive networking and social events throughout the country.

It is worth mentioning that since SoFi offers high loan limits, it is very popular for debt consolidation. It provides a viable option for borrowers who are deep in debt to recover, and regain their good financial standing.

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