FNB First Rand Bank Personal Loans

A division of First Rand Bank Ltd., First National Bank or FNB is an authorized provider of credit and other financial services. As a reputable financial institution, FNB offers personal, business, private, corporate, and commercial banking services to millions of clients throughout South Africa.

The bank offers personal loans at affordable rates and flexible terms that will allow you to easily cover emergency expenses or special purchases. Each personal loan package comes with payment method options that include online payments, automatic debit from your bank account, by mail, or via a branch of the bank.

FNB offers various types of personal loans including cash installment loans and personal cash reserve line of credit. Here’s what you can expect from these types of loans:
  • Cash Installment Loans – A cash installment loan may be unsecured or secured by a personal asset. The applicable interest rate will depend on your requested loan term. The bank offers flexible repayment terms that will allow you to repay your loan without putting a lot of stress on your budget. You can even get a special rate if you intend to use the money for a home improvement project.
  • Personal Cash Reserve Line of Credit – With this type of loan, you get easy access to your funds. You can simply write a check to pay for a purchase or you can use your overdraft protection. Likewise, the loan application can be made easily and without too many complications. You get details of your account activity through the monthly statements. Repayment is spread out conveniently over a given period of time. Applicable interest rate is often lower than regular credit cards.

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